Hello, welcome to the coding aspect of boot.science.

We want to organize a dual hackathon event to reach a new system for publishing, peer-reviewing and making actualizable open research. Code4.Science is thought to provide the code basis for an open source generic globally accessible platform for science. Its counterpart science4.codes is thought to provide the most logical and scientific approach how we can self-organize as humanity via digital systems. The generated system boot.science is thought to guide both events towards what we need for the future of science in terms of open software and what you research.

. We call for help by any interested indivuals who can code and/or organize. We do not represent organizations, not companies, not money, not ideology. We want to be the domain code4.science and provide you with the ethical and neutral basis to literally code for helping and advancing science.

We want to leap into the future of computation - an inclusive and life-aware computation for life-machine peace.

We are looking for organizer, project leads, webdesigner and admins, common hacker, server-cluster security ops, sysops, analytics.

We call to form a team around the thoughts and concepts of World Interlink to organize the humanitarian backbone to this domain - to boot.science inbetween coding and research as synergetic dynamic platform for exploration of open collective intelligence through consensus-based research.